Your loved one can be addicted for a long time, and you could be oblivious of this. Addiction is a condition that is not pleasant to talk about.

People who are addicted do not like to talk about it. Rather, they will hide their addiction and try all they can to manage it.

However, if you happen to find out that your loved one is addicted, it is important to swing into action.

One of the commonest mistake that people make is, putting measures in place to stop the addiction abruptly.

This is impossible because the addiction did not just begin instantly. It is an end-result of series of abuse that has developed to a phase where it become impossible to quit within few days.

The best way to act as either a family or friend when your loved one is addicted is to show ample care and love.

You should avoid pointing it out to them that it is their fault that they are addicted. Rather, you should display signs of enthusiasm and optimism that they would get better once they enter for treatment.

Also, you should also expect that your loved one would not act the way they use to. Addiction has a way of changing the way people behave, how they express their emotions, feelings and the likes.

As a matter of fact, you need to make them confide in you about everything. This is not done forcefully, rather from an angle of love.

One of the pivotal roles you need to play as a family or friend of an addicted loved one, is to encourage them to opt for addiction treatment.

A good number of addicts do not buy the idea of going to a rehab for treatment. However, you need to make them understand that it is one of the proficient ways to ensure they have a good bill of health.

Furthermore, you should also be willing to remain with them all through the phases of their addiction treatment. This will prove to them that you have their best interest at heart.

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