In the concept of addiction, one of the most important feature is love and not prejudice.

Love is essential in determining how well an addiction recovery would go. On the other hand, showing prejudice and hate would not help the individual at all.

One of the reasons why people do not show love to their addicted family member is because, they do not have a proper understanding of the addiction concept. If they had, they would know how to approach this sensitive issue.

Love is basically showing care and affection to an individual irrespective of their inadequacies. Addiction is an inadequacy which addicts should not be blamed for.

There are various reasons contributing to their addiction, and understanding needs to be showcased in this aspect.

It is important for a family to show love and care to their addicted family member, rather than leave them to themselves.

Addiction treatment and recovery are tough phases, and even though the individual has a professional counselor all through the way, he or she needs the family to come through.

This is the point where the family needs to offer the best of support and solidarity. They need to reiterate their stance to taking care of their loved one through thick and thin.

Doing this would foster an addiction recovery pattern and it would promote the mental health of the individual.

Not all families are aware of these responsibilities. This is why the counselor needs to teach them what to do. The counselor needs to clearly spell out the responsibilities of the family, and explain how these duties benefits their addicted loved one.

When addiction treatment has been completed and the individual has been issued a clean bill of health, this is not the phase to pull out.

During this stage, it is important that the family observe their loved one with an Eagle’s eye, in order to prevent him or her from relapsing.

The concept of relapse is a common feature in addiction recovery, and it is the role of the family to make sure that their loved one remains sober.

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