The role of the family and friends of an individual during addiction treatment are intertwined. The reason for this is, these two categories of people are the basic support system that any individual could have.

So, it is expected that when an individual needs help, the first set of people he or she needs to look up to, are family and friends.

This means that for an addicted individual, if the friends also play their part in the addiction recovery of their loved one, things would be a lot better.

The ideal definition of a friend, is someone who has your back at all times. A friend is someone who is expected to be there for you during your time of need.

You might not have known your friend for a long period of time, but it is assumed that series of happenings would have made both parties stronger.

It is also possible that your friend might be responsible for your addiction, this is why you need to discuss with your counselor.

For your friends, it is important for you to separate the good eggs from the bad eggs. Keeping up with friends who promote your addiction would do you no good.

As a matter of fact, they can hinder whatever level of progress that you are making in addiction recovery. You need friends who are sober, friends who will prevent you from being affected by triggers.

In conjunction with the family of the addicted individual, there is certainly going to be a huge level of progress.

Your addicted friend would need you to be around when he or she is going for therapy sessions. It might not have to be every time due to the fact that we have various schedules. However, it is important to show up at intervals.

Being around for your friend’s addiction therapy sessions shows that you care about their health, and you want them back on track. These and many more are one of the trademarks of true friendship.  

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