When an individual is addicted, he or she do not only take the fall for it, they also put their family and friends in an uncomfortable situation.

This can contribute into making the whole addiction situation more complicated.

Addiction is not a one-sided condition, when an individual is addicted, the negative behaviors associated with addiction give rise to unpleasant end-results.

If you are a family and friend of an addicted individual, it would be quite difficult to play this role. People who are addicted do not understand the extent to which the effect of their addiction affects their loved ones.

One of the highlights of addiction is, the individual distances themselves from their friends and family. They begin to lose interest in activities that caught their eye in the past.

Some of these activities include the ones they all use to do together. Stopping these activities can be painful to the loved ones, but the addicted individual does not fully understand this reality.

In addition to this, family and friends might imbibe negative emotions and mindset due to their loved one’s addiction. Some of them heap the blame on themselves, and this affect their logic of self-love.

Addiction breaks trust, particularly between the addicted person and their loved ones. This happens because, the addicted person begins to tell lies surrounding their addiction.

If the addicted person has a spouse, the person might experience utter disappointment and shame.

If present, the children of the addicted person might go through bouts of anxiety and depression. The emotional trauma is usually too much for children to handle.

When an individual is addicted, their brain and body experience adverse effects from the toxic load of the alcohol and drugs.

If they are not addicted to any of these, and they are suffering from other forms like sex addiction, food addiction, video gaming addiction and the likes, their brain and body experiences the same thing.

Diseases are bound to set in during the course of an addiction, and this requires the role of caretaking from family and friends.

This caretaking role is not as easy as it comes, but they really have no choice because they cannot afford to completely ignore.

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