For addicted individuals, there are several times when there is a feeling of worthlessness. During this phase, they feel like there is no hope for them, and they are stuck with addiction forever.

Breaking free from addiction is not about quitting a particular act or stop the use of alcohol and drugs. It is a complex process that while in the right direction, there are some difficulties encountered.

Despite the twists and turns on the road to recovery, the addicted individual should not be deterred. This road is necessary to living a healthy life, and being free from the bondage of addiction.

This is why addiction counselors would tell you that, the entire process of recovery begins with hope and not abstinence.

Hope refers to expectation and belief. Hope is quintessential to helping people heal. It is the belief that something will occur. Someone who is hopeful will have a positive approach to life.

There would be no negative mindset towards life occurrences. Hope is what keeps people going despite being faced with the chances of never having to recover from addiction.

The road to recovery is laced with frustration, challenges, hindrances and difficulty.

It is great to have goals at the start of recovery, but it becomes more beneficial when you need a drive that will keep you focused on your goals.

It is wrong to refer to hope as wishful thinking, it is much more than that. Hope is the foundation of any successful recovery, and it must be laid out well.

When there is no hope and the feeling for recovery, it would be difficult for you to find the action that matters.

Hope helps you to take the right and needful step. You will be amazed to find out that each step you take, strengthens your foundation and prospects for recovery in the long term.

You can find hope by listening to people who were once in your shoes and have recovered from addiction.

Also, accepting your current situation is another way of restoring hope. Finding a direction for your life also helps to give you hope, and you can be properly guided having a counselor by your side.  

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