Addiction is a bondage that no one would like to find themselves in. The painful part about this is some of our loved ones are addicted, but we have no idea they are.

This highlights the importance of being cognizant of our loved ones, always looking out for warning signs that show that there might be an addiction.

When you find out that your family or friend is struggling with addiction, the first thing to do is to show love and not chastise.

This is one common mistake that people often make, and it soils the relationship they have with one another.

Showing love to people who are addicted is one of the first step to aiding their recovery, and most people do not know this.

In addiction recovery, love is what spurs people on to opt for treatment. As a matter of fact, it is part of what encourages them to keep fighting; believing they can defeat addiction.

As a friend or family of an addicted person, it is advisable that the love you show towards your struggling loved one is constant.

It is important that you always give them a reason to believe that they can get over their addiction.

During addiction therapy, there are times when your involvement as a loved one is needed.

Some sessions like family therapy and group therapy could most likely need you to come around. It is best that you are always present to give hope to your loved one that you care about and love them.

For those who would be going for inpatient rehab, you need to always make out time to visit them. It shows that you have not forgot them.

While for outpatient rehab, you need to always accept them with open arms when they return from each session.

Showing love is quintessential to getting your loved one back on their feet. In the absence of love, an individual can be struggling with addiction all through his or her life.  

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