In addiction recovery, the two sets of people who are quintessential are family and friends. These set of people have a collaborative function to play as touching the addiction of their loved one.

So, they are expected to work hand-in-hand for progress to ensue.

When the addiction problem sets in, a good number of times, it is either the family or friends who detects it. This is one of the reasons why they have a pivotal role to play.

Very likely, family and friends are more observant than other categories of people. So, they would be able to detect if there is a strange and unusual activity ongoing with their loved one.

Not all families are really observant, but some of them are. No matter how hard an addict tries to hide his or her addiction from family and friends, they still have a way of finding out.

The only issue here is, it might take a while before they notice, but they would eventually do. If they notice late, the individual might have plunged deep into the pit of addiction, and rescuing him or her would prove difficult.

During this stage, the individual would not want to accept that he or she is addicted, so they will do anything possible to avoid counseling or rehab.

For families and friends who do not know how to go about their responsibilities when it comes to helping their loved ones, they can reach out to the counselor for help.

The counselor would in turn take time to explain the duties that family and friends are expected to play in fostering the health of their loved ones.

Once this gap has been filled, it would be easy for family and friends to play their role in helping their loved one get better.

The individual would be encouraged that the people who matter close to him or her, are dedicated to ensuring their optimal state of health.

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